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Artist Statement

Mark making interests me. It is endlessly fascinating to create physical marks on a surface and to be aware how a combination of marks creates recognizable shapes. I tend to begin a piece to document the ephemeral moment because I love the physical act of capturing a unique landscape or a particular person and I enjoy having the time constraint to draw and paint quickly to catch the kernel of the object or person before the person leaves or the light changes. 

Humor, political and art historical references are then layered in the paintings so that the work presents various thoughts for the viewer to freely interpret rather than depictions of a particular narrative.

When painting, an improvisational dance happens between the subject and myself. This dance dictates the painting so that there is a balance of intention, chance and risk. Visual impressions are first sketched on the canvas; often using lush color and a vigorous brushstroke, supported when needed by an organizing calligraphic line. Tension and interplay between the figure/ground dynamic are thus set in motion. Each additional mark continues the intersection between the seeing and the unknowable.  F. Lynn McGeever